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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Vjump] March issue

Early leak on this month's vjump

Source: Twitter

Previous announced a new 20th anniversary digimon revealed for the v-pet 20th anniversary version: Zubamon, both of its baby form is revealed: Sakumon, and Sakuttomon.

The v-pet will release on June 2017, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Digimon v-pet, that was released on June 26th, 1997.
The v-pet is now available to pre-order, You can raise two digimon at once, and have them evolves to ultimate, as well as participate in the WEB version D-1 Grand Prix.

On the Next Order International version news, a brand new digimon: Voltbautamon will be added to the game. A demon duke that eats away all of the darkness. This event digimon can be raise after clearing the two story events:
Story 1: The Ominous shadow approaches the Digital World
Story 2: Events cause by pink stone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 16- 18

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Info Animedia mag and twitter

Ep 16: The message that surpass "time",  the truth behind Applidrive

Haru told Eri and Astra the Applidrive, the device that realize the appmon has spoke to him. It makes Haru and co to concern what is the "Appli-drive".

Ep 17: Eri is multiplying by copy and pasted? Take back the stage of dreams!
Eri's solo song is finally released on CD. To celebrate and promote the release of her CD, Eri performs Live for the New year Matsuri in the Sufujimi Saka shopping district where Haru lives.

Ep 18: The bond between Haru and Yuujin, Stop the rampage Resshamon!
Synopsis TBA

Friday, January 13, 2017

[Applimonster] Ep 15 synopsis

第15話「未来は全部見えている!? 神秘の占い・テラーモン」


Ep 15: See through the future ? Mysterious fortune teller: Terramon

In order to find out the location of the next seven code appmon, Haru and co asked a fortune teller app appmon: Terramon to perform fortune telling. However Terramon is infected by L virus...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[CD] Digimon adventure tri character songs

As annouced in today tokuban, the chosen children and partner digimon will have their own character songs

The album names are still tentive, there will be the chosen children's version and digimon version.
Both cd also come with 2 different versions with price difference.
Regular version will be 3056 yen, 
Another version with booklet (signed by cv with comments) will 3315 yen.
Will release on March 29th.

[Nico nico] Tokuban adventure P'Parco shop part 3, DAF 2017confirmed

Just like previous 2 shop at ikebukorou that was opened at limited time
Part 3 is annouced to open between Feb 24th- March 15th.
Thank you smdcn for the screen cap

Character songs confirmed, 
DAF 2017 confirmed!!
The only information we know each chosen children  and digimon will have their character song. Other info tba 
Will update this post with more info from today's tokuban 

Next tokuban is Feb 20th, 9pm JST